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Bone Broth 




Take Back Your Liveliness The Holistic Way Using Natural Ingredients.
Make A Powerful Yet gentle Come Back!

Organic Non GMO Juice Cleanse

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*Customers who’ve tried this products claimed they’ve experienced one or more of the following:

    Customer's Claims

  • Natural Bowel Flow

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Naturally Reduce Pain

  • Quick Illness Recovery

  • Increased Blood Flow

  • Reduced Weight Due Caused by Inflammation

  • Increased Energy

  • Improve Breathing

  • Clearer Skin

  • Lowered Glucose Levels

  • Strengthen Kidney Functionality 

  • Curved Sugar & Nicotine Cravings

  • Cleared Infections
    and much more.

"This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Temecula Holistic Wellness


Hi my name is Lillie Fuller. I am a 76 year old woman who had Diabetes and high blood pressure.  Before I met Aset, I was taking 4 blood pressure pills a day but since I have been taking her tonic I’m down to 1 pill a day, and my A1C, which was 8.9, is now 7.4.  This tonic really works and it has been 5 months since I started taking it.  It doesn’t taste bad it really has helped me in many ways health wise I really suggest anyone with health problems to try it.  It really works.

~ Ms. Lillie Fuller ~

Fontana, CA

Vegan Style Bone Broth

Joy A.

Quick Response Tonic Testimonals
College Student
Temecula, CA

"This detoxer is life changing! Me and my cousin started drinking them twice a day and I noticed a clear mind in the mornings, easier time digesting food, and surprisingly I had 0 nicotine cravings. My main goal was help with weight management and it does that and more! The owner is so knowledgeable and has a blog and YouTube channel with information for anyone who wants to learn. I will be reordering soon! Her packaging is awesome, too! My cousin also discovered that you can save them and drink one in the mornings or as needed and use them like energy drinks!!!!"


Boost Your Immunity Instantly
By 512%

Studies have shown...  

Contains enzymes that reduces phlegms and mucus build up
Contains cooper, manganese, potassium, magnesium for healthy bones
May keep memory and learning
High amounts of potassium
Possesses neuro protectors effects that helps promote memory and learning.
Contains betulinic acids that have anti inflammatory activity and anti microbial properties
May loosen mucus
May relieve constipation
May reduce inflammation
Keeps vital organs hydrated
May relieve sinuses
vitamin C can reduces  the risk of Heart disease and strokes
...plant compounds found in lemon have been found to lower cholesterol.
Studies and research found that...
Improves digestions
Turmeric Activates all Antioxidants  via Fox 03 Genes in the body 
Studies have noted a an improvement of reduction of arthritis  
Curcumin  may reduce memory loss
May block free radials  
Studies have also show that heavy metals like lead and others found in the blood has been reduced by 19% due to the sulphur compounds in garlic.
Studies shown a effectiveness in rheumatoid arthritis due to anti inflammatory properties. 
Studies also have shown that active compounds can reduce blood pressure which can potentially improve cholesterol levels. 
Loaded with cooper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, B1 and much more.
Studies have shown that garlic has reduce cold and flu symptoms by 70% within 5 days.

Are you ready to receive the gut support you've been awaiting?


Powerful Blend.

Powerful Response.

Perfected Ratio.

Supplies Don't Last.
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Nutrient Absorbent Support System 3wk (DIY)

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Product Details
Brand: Religion of Health

(Quick Response Turmeric)

Vegan Style Bone Broth.

Organic Curated Ingredients.

All Natural. Non GMO

3 Week Gut Support System

Release those healing & holistic aromas into your home and experience this amazing preparation that so many swear by.

Great taste. Amazing experience.

______________________________________________________________________________________________All natural non gmo/organically used ingredients for the purpose of yielding quality results, such as, Cur Curmin, Jujube, Allium Roots, and Ginger with a proprietary blend that makes every cups beneficial.

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