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Turmeric and Lemon Tongue Twister Shot

Simple Anti-Inflammatory / Anti-Oxidant / PH Balancing Concoction that helps with aches and pains.

I drink what I want...because I'm in charge! I love detoxing and recharging my body! You should, too!

I'm not a sugar drinker or a carbon-holic. What I am is a straight drinker of stiff ones that doesn't grow hair on my chest, thus it will grow flowers on my head! lol Just kidding. This is a drink that's full of detoxing and ph balancing properties. It helps with daily ailments that causes stiffness of the joints, aches and/or pains. It also has immune booster abilities by bringing the body to a more neutral state on the ph scale.

It is great for you and amazing for your mind body and spirit.

Here's what you will need:

One medium lemon

4 Inch Turmeric Finger

8oz of filtered water

Add water to your favorite glass, cup or mug. Squeeze lemon juice and pulp into water. Finally, slice turmeric finger a few times and drop into the mixture. Allow for it to rest for 5-10 minutes, sip and enjoy.

Don't be afraid to enjoy the spices of your turmeric! <3

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