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Live longer with a "Fast."

Many are very intimidated with the "F" word and that is totally understandable. That is only because we have been trained to eat since we were born. But, what we may not know is that it is only natural to do so, by force nature. We fast when we sleep (for healing purposes) and according to the ancient times, when the season was over for the harvesting of crops, it was their cue to begin the fasting period! Our bodies need a break...I mean a real one. Ever wondered why the ancient people looked amazing on all hieroglyphics (Medu Neter)? One of the reasons are because they fasted on an astrological level. Even the most prominent prophets did so, as well. It was also a moment to get clarity in a spiritual sense. It wasn't so about physic at all that came much later.

Ancient Egypt practicing the natural way of living.
Why are they so fit?

Keeping in mind that when we eat, we must eat to live and not live to eat. It's true!!! We must, also, stay active so we can remain healthy. That doesn't necessarily mean nearly kill your self in the gym but being active in a natural fashion, such as walking, being physical and so on. That doesn't include over eating and consuming harmful foods our bodies can't remove. We are consistently being repeated offenders and lack of fasting in order to remove the toxins that we consistently put in every day of our lives over and over again.

Every day of our life we eat and put more and more crap on top of the crap that just may not be removed. This is the very reason for us to feel sluggish and constipated throughout the day.

The importance of fasting is more important than brushing your teeth and washing your face. It also helps one to become more clearer in understanding on things that may be difficult for us to understand. So the next time you wake up try to take a moment and consider not breaking the fast and keep the party going for a few days or more. Trust me, it is a healthy buffer for your organs to take a break on over doing its job. Even the organs need vacation time! So don't worry about the cravings...you will get over it. Drink plenty of water, have a game plan and get excited about the new challenge. Most of all, stick to it. You will give your body the greatest reward in life and that is life it self. Need help with the challenge. Reach out and we can help you with your personal goals.

Have happy organs and a happy living!

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