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Weight loss recipe: Cabbage, Carrots, Peppers, herbs and spices!

Great #weightloss #recipes #mealidea with a twist!

Try this holistic recipe that will keep weight loss in check.

How many of us heard that cabbage can help with maintaining weight loss? 🤚🏾 I did!

And, it really can! Why because it is very low in calories. But eating cabbage can become very boring after a few days, at least for me! Being a food connoisseur, a meal plan can get boring for me during weight-loss challenges. I can't seem to stick to the same flavors day after day, knowing that I am versatile with food selections and combinations. When I am maintaining weight loss I tries to keep my food choices interesting. So, I think about meals that will keep me motivated through this #weightloss journey.

I am a big fan of veggies. Anyone that knows of me knows I love vegetables. Veggies are easier to digest. You can eat more times throughout the day, flush your system and have a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Veggies typical have a lower calorie intake. I recommend cooking veggies from my personal experiences because of being bloated after eating so many raw leafy greens. I have also found out that cooking my vegetables didn't have a negative affect on one's body. As a matter of fact, my cooking style has enhanced/maintained perfectly, abnormally high hemoglobin levels according to a nurse at Rady's Children Hospital in Murrieta, CA., (a highly recommended office.)

I've notice when I eat tons of salad during a weight-loss moments, I tend to gain a pudge even while working out. I found that to be strange until Dr. Laila, a renowned Holistic African Doctor, expressed that lettuce and salads can ferment within the intestines if it is not digested. So if we are eating salads everyday, especially dark leafy greens, it will take a harder time to breakdown the uncooked veggies verses cooked veggies. Unprocessed foods can cause gas, bloating, upset stomachs, release of toxins, etc. When I cook my

veggies, logically, everything is broken down and easily digested. I don't worry about the nutrients because my children's doctor office proved that my children's hemoglobin levels to be "Perfectly Abnormally High" as one nurse said.

So, obviously, my #mealplans and style of cooking is showing up in lab work as good results. Accordingly to my 3 year old's lab results, his numbers were 14.2 gm/dl (which is considered to be an adult lows.) Not only are nutrients still in the food but it is, not soften, but tenderized. Check out lab work here.

Eating more veggies that are soften can help better with weight loss simply because of easier digestion and waste removal.

Here is a simple twist any can use when on their cabbage diet.

Try sautéing your cabbage with carrots, peppers, sesame seed oil and other seasons like thyme, sage, basil, and pink salt instead of using prepared seasoning salt with high salt contents. You would be amazed on how this simple twist can make a huge difference. Sign up for more ideas and more informative tips.

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