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Don't eat in between... meals. Best approach for weight loss.

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

A few ways to mentally challenge your weight loss for good.

Hello... I am Aset, your healing goddess. I've been studying nutritions for years and I take great pride in my findings. I'm also a health consultant who loves to share health tips . I've studied under the most notable in the department of health. I'm currently in training to become a certified holistic practitioner and much more.

Here is information that I love to share based off what has helped me with my weight loss woes. Have you felt like your workout regimen went unnoticed? The weight didn't fall off, you got despondent and decided to retreated from the workout plan???? Has that ever happened to you? Well...it did to me! Numerous times. It happens to a lot of us and we never give up. Have you ever heard a dietitian say, "Eat more meals?" Whaaa??? It is always difficult for me to eat the amount they recommend. Sometimes, dietitians don't give a grand explanation for the different mentalities and body types on who should and shouldn't eat more. A weight loss plan is not a cookie cut platform that everybody can stand on. You have people that hate to workout, may not have the time to do so or they are just not that motivated. I have something for each kind of mentality. Even myself. If you are someone like this, have you ever wondered why it hasn't worked for you?

**Here are a few tips we all can keep in mind when trying to skim fat and keep it off.

I'm sure you have heard that eating in between meals can boost your metabolic rate. Well, let's erase that because it doesn't apply to all. It's best that we understand how our bodies operates on a non differentiated level. Sympathetically, the body has its own process of doing things...with very little assistance from us. It only wants us to respond and give. Hear the bell of hunger and fed it so we can think logically and spiritually. Our bodies process food within a special time frame and one of the things we do most is interrupt the digestive process. The process for digestion produces energy just for you! That's it. If you interrupt the digestive process, you tend to reset the process, feel bloated, always feel full and sluggish because the interrupted process.

It can take upto 3-4 hours for our bodies to digest foods, it can take longer for others. If you feel hungry prior to 3 hours, try drinking a tall glass of room temperature water and give yourself another 45 mins before you go into your next meal. This will allow you to feel completely digested and complete ready for the next meal.

If you wish to stretch your hunger try Banaba Leaf on a holistic way.

Banaba Leaf is a Asian herb used also for diabetes. It helps lower bood sugar levels and cholesterol accompanied by a clean diet. It is also know to be an anti inflammatory, antioxidant and it can reduce sugar cravings. These herbs can be found at your local vitamin store.

The very thing that keeps your metabolic rate going is when do not distrupt the digestive process. The body can burn food at any time of the day. When we eat in between the digestion process, we stop the current process and restart the cycle because the oral cavity sent a signal for stomach to get ready to receive. (The process is equal to a sophisticated washer. Some machines will not allow you to break the cycle especially if the water is hot.) When the cycle is broken by eating new foods, the saliva sends the signal to the stomach to restart everything right away even at the end of finishing what ever was being processed in the stomach from 3 hours prior. The body takes up to 3-4 hours to digest foods. Eating in between those times keeps us full and we may never finish the process of digestion.

What tips can help?

  • Setting a timer is a good way to keep you on a good eating schedule

(You'll be amazed at how fast 3-4 hrs pass by)

  • Drink water when you feel like eating in-between digesting periods.

(This is a liquid fast technique)

  • It is not recommended to drink while dining because that can slow up the process as well, unless it is a hot beverage.

  • Chewing gum isn't a good idea either because it triggers your stomach to receive and that stops the process of digestion for possible existing food in the stomach.

Breaking the fast

(Respecting the Circadian Rhythm)

Another time we challenge the process is when we break the fast in the am. Here is where intermittent dieting comes in play and why it is very important. Intermitten dieting or habits are great for allowing the body to finish it's final touches! The grand finale! Our internal organs tick like a clock whether we know it or not.

In-between the hours of 8pm-12pm our organs are processing nutrients and waste, particularly with the kidney/liver/small intestine. This is why you may have heard some say "You shouldn't eat after 6pm but they don't emphasize not eating prior to 12pm, either. The reason for not consuming during these hours is because your organs are going through a circadian rhythm for cleansing. In the am, this time is meant for the waste to pass when you arise. If you are not passing bowel around this time it is because there isn't enough water being consumed. Check out this great video from the late Dr. Myles Monroe. He goes to explains thoroughly what the body is doing around those times. The most respectful thing one could do for their body when waking up is to consume H2O first and/or a hot tea.

To wake up to gas is like waking up to the sounds of heaven playing a melody that lures you to the commode! A bowel movement? Yes, a bowel movement. That basically means that your body is on a decent track for toxin removal, according to Dr. Llaih A., (a metaphysician with naturopath/ethno medicine studies.) Two glasses of water by the bedside is ideal for helping with the process for weight loss and removal of waste. A glass in the pm and another when you arise to wake your sleepy organs. Drinking water is highly recommended if you want to succeed in weight loss. Why? Because it keeps you full and purified from sitting toxins in the small intestine. The main trick is to stay full and never feel hungry while trying to make it to your next food time.

Once we get hydrated with a morning booster, the digestion continues with the removal of waste somewhere in between 8am - 12pm. If you develop a lot of gas in the morning following a passing of the bowel, then you're on a good track. Being stopped up in the gut doesn't allow our cells to receive proper nutrients for the sake of turning the body into a fat burning machine. Ultimately, this will lead up to consistent weight loss. Unmoved waste can lead up to bloating and other health issues.

If you are dealing with gas without bowel movement, try a few of these natural remedies.





Another mental preparation for weight loss is to detox first!

Detoxing prior to weight loss plans are optimal because it primes your body and mentally challenge you for the actually activities and goals that needs to be attained. It also clears candida(yeast) to prevent any urges for your naughty cravings.

Detoxing can be a great way to boost your metabolic rate. It preps your body to receive nutrients at its fullest capacity and it removes excess mucus and bowel. Detoxing removes unwanted peasants from the body such as yeast, toxins and what ever else. Yeast craves for more of itself which means you'll ultimately have cravings for sugary foods. Detoxing is an awesome way to prevent food cravings before, during and after a weight loss journey. Detoxing helps the body operates at its highest abilities which aids in weight loss. Because of the flushing of toxins, you'll be able to upload nutrients in the villi that the waste was blocking once before. A body full of waste becomes a body that is full of crap! ( What a waste! :) There are a few detox systems out there for one to look into. I have come up with my own remedy because of my own health issues; I soon realized that my own remedies was detoxing me at the same time I was healing myself. Feel free to check out mydetoxer.

Here are a few herbs and foods great for detoxing:

Dandelion (Cleans the blood)

Turmeric (healing aid for inflamed areas)

Brown Rice



Last but not least...Motivation!

Motivate yourself. It is hard to do the extra. Extra is extra. If this little pup can so can you, and she naturally doesn't stand in the upright position. When you set reminders on your hand held devices and mentally prepare yourself to work out on a clear/concise schedule, goals can be attained. So try to give best effort to not walk around in workout gear for more then 10 mins because you may get distracted and loose motivation. Your workout gear can easily become the outfit for the rest of the day and that's without use. (You know you look good in those spandex but work them out!)

Try putting your favorite workout music to your ears to get you in the mood!

When you mentally prepare yourself for the workout session it takes consistent motivation just to get to the actually working out part. Just starting off by putting your workout clothing on can get you in the mood, alone! Setting a friendly reminder on a device around your free time can also get you going and excited. Friends, family and significant others can also help you shed that weight off by encouraging you to stay on your game with verbal reminders and/or joining you. These tips can work wonders if we put our minds to it.

Here are a few natural booster that may help you get the waste going.

Try Organic or Non GMO: avocados barley beans blackberries black walnuts blueberries brussels sprouts cabbage cantaloupe carrots celery chard cherimoya cherries coconuts organic corn coconuts collard cranberries currant dandelion dates pulse eggplants elderberries endives figs grapes artichoke kale lettuce millet oats olives peaches onions pears peas pecans peppers pineapples strawberries tomatoes plenty of water Herbal Senna Leaves

It's okay to try natural supplements and eating speedy foods because it all plays a part with weight loss in a safe way.

Here are some natural foods choices and holistic advances that may help you maintain your weight loss journey.

Don't forget to share these tips with your loved ones! Enjoy and happy journeys!












Green Coffee Bean Extract (slows down the use of sugars which prolongs the use of glucose for long lasting energy and metabolic use.

Garcinia Cambogia


Dr. Llaila Afrika (Health Dictionary)

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