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Here is my holistic way for sanitizing my first defenders.

Since they claim we have around 2-14 days to get symptoms from COVID 19, I've figured that I have more than enough time to fight any possibility. The first thing I do is remain extremely sensitive to my overall health. Any notion of a change, I jump right to it if I am in position to do so. During this corona season, I take extra measures to keep my family safe, starting with me. When I leave out of my home and enter the world of terror, I take my wipes and mask just to stay safe. When I return, I began to sanitize externally and internally.

I pay extra attention to my tonsils, nose, throat, and ears (in that order).

My tonsils are my first means of defense. If these bells are rung, I know it's time to get busy and began boosting! Tonsils are like doorbells just for the enemy.

If there's a tickle or plugging sensation in my nostrils, I make note that things are trying to progress. It could also be unseen pollen, nevertheless I take no chances during these times. One thing I would try hard to not do is allow post nasal drip to fall into my larynx. That can become a horrible disaster starting off with a sore throat and possibly a flirt with a flu. That happened to me once before!

If I felt a moment where a film of thickness would slowly slip down my larynx, I would realize that I'd need to become more aggressive. This is why it is important to fight the small fight by paying attention to the first signs. At this point, I would began to search for some sort of natural expectorant before things would go far left. Symptoms like these may result in a head cold or flu.

So with this understanding, I have decided to sanitize my first defense, as well. Especially, when it comes to keeping others around me safe until my 14 day clearance expires.

What I do when entering the home.

My External Sanitizing Routine:

I remove my shoes

I minimize killing off my good bacteria by washing with non antibacterial soap and very warm water. ( I only use antibacterial products when out in public)

Then I take off outside clothing and clean my face if I came in contact with others

My Internal Sanitizing Routine:

Mainly for these times, this is how my internal regimen goes if I came into contact with others.

Saline Nasal Flush

Gargle with warm salt water

Chew fresh and organic garlic slices

Suck on organic lemon slices

Drink plenty of water with lemon

I take my pre-made saline solution to flush out my nostrils and gargle my throat.

(To make a saline solution combine 2 cups of water in a pot with 1.5 teaspoon of salt. Bring to low heat for 15 minutes. Do not boil. Great for eye wash, as well and easier to make verses paying 5 bucks for it. Holistic and a natural remedy.)

If you decide to flush your nostrils, be careful that you don't drown yourself. I pull my water down slowly and allow it to fall in my oral cavity. Afterwards, I tilt forward and allow it to flush from my nasal. You should feel a clearer difference, I always do. I would do this a few times out of the day just to keep my nostrils free of invaders.

If I feel any stickiness or drip in my post nasal area, I'm chasing it up with no hesitation and discarding with class. 🤗 #noshame

If I feel a tingle in the ear and throat, I would gargle with warm salty water and take a cap full of organic apple cider vinegar (acv) to kill the invader. If I would consistently feel something throughout the day, even if it isn't corona season, I would these things with chewing garlic from time to time. One thing I have to be mindful of, garlic being a natural blood thinner. So for those who are on blood thinners, be sure to not combine meds it with fresh garlic and ACV.

If COVID 19 did come in contact with me, it doesn't stand a chance because I am on it.

When you have an alkaline body, nothing weird can live in it, but first you must pay close attention to your body and treat it right.

I really hope you try my steps just for the sake of staying healthy! Best wishes!

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