Happy New Year to all!

We have a few resolutions and not just one!

Let's talk sleep. 🛌💤 Getting to sleep and sleeping through the night.

In my holistic practices, I've found that many people find it difficult to sleep throughout the night. One of my resolutions for that is to make it to bed before 11pm and turn on magical sounds like this. You'd be amazed how deep you go!

For some, why are our days getting longer?

We have so much going on today in the world. Family, finances, children, Covid-19, welfare of others who belong to you, sickness, etc., plays a heavy part in our daily lives and it can stunt our sleep patterns. But, the problem is that it effects a serious part in our everyday lives. For starters, our adrenal is hugely effected which causes us to have dark circles around our eyes; some people believe they can scrub away the bags, but that is not so likely. If so, it is a temporary fix. They will be back ( In my Arnold Nagger Voice.) According to John Hopkins Medical, adrenal glands produce hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, response to stress and other essential functions. Getting the proper amount of rest is the way to rid bags under eyes once and for all because now your glands can secrete in a balanced fashion. We can reverse a lot of damage to our bodies if we catch it in time. It's never too late. Do you believe in miracles? I do...when I have the answer key to life in my back pocket.

Why is sleep really important?

Proper timing for resting is so critical because we operate along with the cosmos. Its pretty heart wrenching when we don't add that part into our daily lifestyle but it is true. We work with the sun and the moon...planets, too! More importantly, the sun and the moon helps us with special universal rhythms. A Circadian rhythms is very important especially when it comes to sleep. It's the biological clock that we never pay attention to, especially at night. When we hit the sack after 11 pm or 12 am we become a pumpkin. Things begin to change mentally. They show this in the kid's movie 'Cinderella.' When the clock struck 12 am, she went back to a normalized state. When we don't respect those times of rest, our bodies began going into a dis-eased state. Things can not repair for the reasons of over abundant activities. If the brain can not shut down, you can't repair. In between the hours of 11pm and 2 am is when your pineal gland is at work. Adrenal glands are responsible for gathering information about the state of the light-dark cycle from the environment (sun/moon) and sends information to produce and secrete the hormones that's called melatonin (sleep/night). They called this the seat of the spiritual realms. This hypes out the deep sleep state during the times of 2 am - 4 am. These hours are when you dream and go into a deep sleep. If you by-pass these preliminary times for hanging out later in the morning, you'd never get proper rest because you aren't working the glands properly. The pineal gland operate under darkness and it's doesn't like light times. They are what you call the grave yard shift workers. So if you are pumkin man or woman, then you'd eventual become zombie like causing your body not to heal during these crucial hours. In a more simpler understanding, our bodies go to the mechanic shop every night and some of us don't show up for our appointments, then we wonder why our spiritual vehicles are jacked up. I'm not talking jacked up on a lift but jacked up in functionality! Here is another way to help people who have hard times resting and staying asleep. Try this meditative deep sleep sound at night and tell me how it works out for you! Share and leave a comment for feedback!

Have a healthy mind, dream deep, and have a greatly energized morning!

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