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Updated: Feb 3, 2020

The Most Famous Meal of the Day!!!


Breaking the Fast Slowly.

Article written by: Aset Nile

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Our tradition, usually, goes like this...

Growing up in a cultured family was to drown your oatmeal in grams and grams of brown or white sugars. Drenching it in pet milk. Mixing in tons of butter until you taste it, a tad bit of salt, vanilla and VIOLA! Mama's oatmeal remade, sometimes, remastered! But wait! What about our bodies??? What are we doing here??? To eat in the morning is to break a fast, slowly; it is not to break and get fast food. Nudge, nudge. When the sun rises, we come off a very important fast the body is well deserving of. Most times, most of us unknowingly terrorize our bodies on a daily basis. What a travesty on us, from us! We have been taught how to make the good stuff "bad" and the bad stuff "really good," especially in the morning time. The good thing is it's never too late to understand how things ought to be done around here.

Concerning Yourself.

The real way to break a fast is not mama's way most of the time...(sorry mom!) They love us -so much- to the point they will give us what we want in order to make us happier. Otherwise natural foods, like oatmeal, can be healthy until a combination of excessive condiments are added that may not work in conjunction with our bodies. In a more technical sense, ingesting poor combinations of foods causes discrepancies leading to cancellation of digestive enzymes and spikes in glucose (blood sugar) levels.

Living Up to Our Fullest Capacity.


Breaking a fast is the most critical time to place the wrong foods in the oral cavity. Whether it is on a sleep fast or an actual disciplined fast, it still must be addressed with great respect.

To break a fast is to be delicate. We are alerting the body to receive goodness. Thanks to the Supreme Scientist, our bodies also have the capacity to defend unwelcome guests and, it also knows how to escort them out with class. ("I think you should leave."😑😒) Whether the toxins are refined sugars or saturated fats, anything that can shock the body and spike blood sugar levels should not be introduced to the body when breaking a fast.

Think about this...for those who have experienced the nature of kids, we all know what happens when we give candy to a child. Our "noted" expectations are for them to jump around and hang off a ceiling post, right? That's because we gave them sugars that were deposited straight into the bank--their blood bank that is! That's the same thing that happens when we ingest simple carbohydrates (sugar) after a fast. We may not jump around or hang off of ceiling posts, but just know that our internal parts are going through some dramatic changes. From the brain to the pancreas, our bodies will quickly wake up to a sugar rush and react with a startling response instead of a smooth one, as if the body had taken in proteins and good carbs.

Waking up in the morning is the optimal time to sustain energy we have amassed from our "disciplined" fast. Our bodies crave long lasting energy and not the short bursts that will make us crash shortly afterwards. Improper fast breaking techniques lead to long-term effects in the body, such as, unhealthy weight gain and in worse cases scenarios, becoming diabetic.

Understanding Self Care.

When we come off of any sort of fast, we must give our bodies what it needs and not what it wants if we want our vehicles to operate smoothly for us throughout the day.

Here are some things we should never give our soul's vehicle (body) when stepping out of any kind of "fast."

Refined carbs: sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juices, pastries, white bread, white pasta, white rice, cereal and milk, breakfast burritos, cheeses, orange juice, white toast, jelly, corn grits, etc.

Our bodies are looking for animal or plant-based protein and complex carbs that will take the body and mind further throughout the day.

Breaking the Fast "Slowly."

Here are a few meal tips:

Egg whites, fish, sweet potatoes, cream of wheat, oatmeals (without refined sugars) infused with apples, blueberries, blackberries, cottage cheese, avocados, leafy greens, non starchy vegetables, whole grain toast or muffins with natural toppings, smoothies with vegetable, apples, berries, chia seeds, goji berries, chlorella, spirulina, boiled potatoes, brown rice, lentil etc. Items that won't spike the blood sugar levels. Don't ever believe that your breakfast has to be boring. With adjustments, healthier choices should make breaking a fast more creative and versatile. If it is sweets that you desire, let it be natural. Also be mindful that some fruits like oranges, mangoes and pineapples are much sweeter than other fruits, and eating the aforementioned can also spike blood sugar levels. Be mindful. 🧘🏼‍♂️

We must keep in mind that when someone wakes us in the morning, in a rude way, we

tend to be very grumpy throughout the course of the day. Hence, our bodies respond in the same physical manner when it is met with unhealthy food choices and combinations (i.e. brain fog, fatigue, jitters, unwanted cravings (hunger), mood swings, short term energy followed by a crash, etc.). Awakening our precious organs requires a proper wake up call-that consists of 8-12 oz of room temperature water (never cold for it is shocking to the the organs and digestive enzymes), protein and carbs for endurance and energy. We have to take time out to work with our bodies because it will work with us better.


Starting off the New Year with 20/20 observation will allow us to have depth of vision in all that we see along with "over"standing what has already been "under"stood.

Aim through the year with a new attitude, a new mindset and a total body reset.

If you are living, it is never too late!

For assistance with virtual meal plans to help you get your body on the right track, please check out my services and book an appointment for assessing your goals.

Say "No" to Pancreatic Diseases!!!

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