Did you know THIS causes diabetes, too???

Meat Vs Sugar

According to the American Diabetes Association, meat consumption has been frequently investigated as a variable associated with diabetes risk, but it has not yet been described as a diabetes risk factor.

Why is that????

Did you know that meat releases more sugar in the blood stream verses sugar? This post is focused on at risk individuals who are dealing with types of diabetes encouraging those to modify eating behaviors and improve their health. High-risk race/ethnicity (e.g., African American, Latino, Native American, Asian American, Pacific Islander). According to medical studies, animal protein is far more worse than grains. 30 subjects had been clinical trialed to understand how meat and sugar can affect an individual. One controlled group was given a complete meat diet whilst the other was given a complete high sugar diet. After 3 days of the studies, the sugar levels of the controlled meat eating group were detected. The sugar levels in the controlled high sugar diet group were detected after 84 days. Studies also show that eating meat at least once a week over the course of 17-20 years will show a 29% increase risk of diabetes, compared to those who didn't avoid processed meats was another 27% increase from all total meat eating comparisons. Compared to long term meat consumers, there was an overall 74% increase of developing diabetes or at high risk compared to those who completely avoided meat. Interesting enough?

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