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Try a bite of heaven...

A kind of morning cereal...

And...why are our mornings so redundant???

Did you run short on breakfast ideas?

Well, here is one for you. I call this my little "Cottage Cheese Fairy Tale." My daughter calls it, "A bite of heaven."

It's packed with exactly what your body wants in the breaking of a fast.

Protein and simple carbs for complex breakdown of "sugars" for your morning energy, that is.

We don't want to rudely wake up our organs, do we? Nah...

Here is a quick, simple and different way to get your morning started.

"Don't knock it before you try it" are some words I have been told throughout the course of my years. And I do just that.


Cottage Cheese is a dish that is easily overlooked because of the terrible match up with yeasty images of a female who wore mesh under and/or ate too much sugar. This is far from that.

Believe it or not, cottage cheese is the bomb and it is a great source of protein for those who are trying to stay lean, tone or maintain muscle mass. It is way better than the bad simple carbs and high fructose sugars that donuts, bagels, coffee, orange juice and cheesy breakfast burritos yield. Cottage cheese is very versatile, too. It can go the savory way with pepper (never tried and not interested) or simply sweet with fruits (my all time favorite and only way.)

I like sweets. Then again, I love sweets. Who doesn't? God gave it to us, so why not? But what God didn't give us are refined sugars! Man did that.

Refined sugars take the moisture from our bodies, meanwhile natural sugars like grapes, apples, blueberries, mangos, etc gives us water. No wonder why we are trying hard to stay hydrated...

That's another blog! How refined sugars steal our water and gives us, sugar diabetes, glaucoma and amputated limbs. Oh yes, it gets deep!

So, to fill up on yummy sweets that add to our well being is giving our bodies two dosages of goodness. Energy and water! Unlike dried fruits and refined sugars, such as white sugar, agave, equal, dehydrated fruits, candy, etc.

One cup of cottage cheese is a nice dose of protein but when you add two cups now you are dealing with a high protein meal. That's a plus! Totally sufficient! But be very careful on the overage of protein because anything over 26 grams will convert into fat. So... eat wisely.

Trust me, you'll be very full and carried gracefully towards lunchtime with no growling tummy distractions if you stay under 2 cups of protein (cottage cheese).

So, next time you enter a grocery store and you are looking to try something new for breakfast, pick up on some fresh fruits and a container of Knudsen cottage cheese (not all cottage cheese is made equally. )


Any kind of fruits can pair up with this very well especially if it is juicy and sweet. My recommendation would be to avoid the prepackaged cottage cheese that has fruits included. It carries a high amount of added sugars. Even if you are on a budget, one topping will do the trick. Try going with the fruit that will give you a nice bite of sweetness. If you are not penny pinching, make it happen and blast your body with all kind of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Pineapple or mangos never fail me when I am short or lacking a topping for my cottage cheese. If you are going all the way, don't forget a nice, mild and crunchy topping that will set it off. Granolas or light crunchy flakes does the trick every time. Apples, Kiwi, Bananas, blueberries, mangos, strawberries, what ever! When it is done like this, it reminds of a of cold bowl of cereal. So good! Ummmm. That's why I calls it a fairy tale. Plus, it is fun to eat! The texture is pretty cool especially when it is paired with the right toppings.

Enjoy your potentially new addition to your morning collection, have fun with being creative and explorative when you wake up!

Make it a great day and not a sluggish one!

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