17 Damaging Signs of Dehydration / 3 Powerful Hydration Tips

One sign that I have left out and that is #17 Dry Hands and Feet. If you body is not going through a period of shedding it may be because of dehydration and well. Dry feet and cracked heels are a huge sign of dehydration.

Let's address the biggest unseen enemies! Starting with Sugar diabetes and Lack of Water.

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Find ways to stop dehydration.

If you are dealing with dry eye, constipation, stop bad breathe, dry skin that causes eczema, dry and flaking scalp and brittle hair, cuticles, flaky nails, dry eye, sugar cravings, dark urine, inflammation, headaches, lack of water, muscle cramps, u.t.i., sugar diabetes, sugar and carb cravings, bladder and kidney issues this is a good vid for you. Find tips that help like Drinking apps helps, setting timers, alarms helps with consuming more water! Promote more water for consumption.

I am Aset you holistic health coach and I take great pleasure in helping others.

Try my natural detox for sugar and carb cravings.

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