Is prepared with organic turmeric, ginger, lemon, and delicate spices that are beneficial to any individual who wishes to thriving in a holistic way.


Its been noted that it mainly

reduces inflammation in the body, detoxify the body, helps with digestion, removes waste from the colon,  reduces pain, helps with flexibility, reduce seasonal illnesses, helps with iron absorption, correct dry eyes, can clear varies infections, reduces arthritis, minimize back pains, relax achy muscles, reduces carb and sugar cravings, helps with anxiety, clear sinuses, decongests, suppress coughs by removing phlegm, it has natural weight loss abilities that turns the body into a fat burning machine, promotes better sleep, energy and who knows what else??? Moreover, these properties in this tonic is also known to cleanse the liver very well.  So enjoy your reset!


It is also known to be an aid for being more focus, sharp and alert.  This information has been gathered by real consumers who have  shared their stories, including my self.   So feel free in sharing your story experiences, too, because  

 it is truly a total body reset!  


When it is combined with heat, it can perform like a sedative, so use wisely. If combined with heat at night, you can surely get a good night’s rest. 

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w/ Hibiscus and Raspberries

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