personal Nutrition consultant
personal Nutrition consultant

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Holistic Healer near me
Holistic Healer near me

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Holistic Healer near me
Holistic Healer near me

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

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I'm elated that many desire to taste some of my delightful dishes! Unfortunately, I can only be in one location at a time.  I take great pleasure in sharing my recipes with you via Youtube with Instagram being a catalyst.  So please, feel free to visit and enjoy my virtual restaurant free of charge by clicking here and subscribing. Don't forget to subscribe and follow, for it is the biggest thank you.  I'm also an avid researcher in the food and health department.  So feel free to follow me for health information in areas of healing with holistic powers or request my services so that my team of Nutritionist can aid in any way. 

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 We Specialize In:    

  • Health and Healing Coaching

  • Holistic Choices for Personal Issues

  • Vegan/Pescatarian Preparations

  • Cooking Lessons with Technique

  • Simple Gourmet Organic Meal Plans

  • Personalized Organic Healing Herbal Tonics 

  • Personalized Organic Meal Plans

  • Coaching for Transitioning Individuals 

  • (Medicinals & Foods)

  • CBD Meal Recipes

  • Weight Management and Understanding

The Religion of Health

There is an urgency for sharing holistic health and healing information, but why does it seem to be so far fetched and perplexed for many?  The reasons could be we have grown so far away from the innate nature of things.  Now, we are trying to reach back and unlock the simple codes to life.   Especially, for those who understand the importance of it all.   But the questions are, "How and where do we get to this?" The codes that is.   We love the benefits that simple things in life have to offer, but the most important things are proceeded by lack of knowledge.

The study of herbs and how our ancient ancestors thrived intrigued me to look deeper into their method to a long lasting life.  Questions like... "How come their physique remained impeccable without intentionally over stressing the muscles?

How come we've never seen a morbidly obese mummy or overly bulky deity?"  Maybe, because of their active lifestyles???  And other questions like, "How come they lived much longer than the people of today?" 

This is where things became an eye opener and magical once I understood the kemistry (chemistry)  between elements, herbs, spices and staying naturally active (Man in Motion, as the ancients illustrated it).  

After recognizing that food is not only flavorful with the perfect combination of herbs and spices but it is also medicinal!   This is why I've decided to introduce only natural flavors, not only to flatware but also to worthy chalices! 

With the expanding knowledge of holistic alternatives, this has advanced me to create healing tonics that reset the body to an immature state.  This is a prideful specialty when it comes to the usage of herbs & spices; I guess you can call it "A sip that heals along the way."  Visit my online store for more information on this healing tonic. 


Education is something that we need the most.  Without it we can dwell into darkness and slip faster into a generational demise.  Some of the reasons for this are: Lack of truth in education, Addiction to refined sugars, Carbohydrates that convert into fast releasing sugars, Generational genetics, Lack of trace minerals in the bodies and much more.   These things can cause the body to produce irregular formation of cells that can become cancerous.  Other affects may cause some to become diabetics with many other health complications. 


Our consultations can jump start individuals onto a new beginning.  Especially, for those who wishes to become dedicated to a clean way of living.  The difference with our system is that we make sure you have a thorough understanding of what and why these things are happening so you don't slip back into the old you, if the old you isn't happening.   Our system will help those who wishes to help themselves, even when the road get a little tough.  We will also give the best natural recommendations that work with the body, Some of our recommendations can help clients curve possible challenges  with natural herbs that can be used to address wild addictions we may struggle with from time to time. 


To find out more on how to get started with a permanent adjustment,  visit our services and book an appointment so we can begin consulting you on a new start. 

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