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I've been classified as a doctor/healer and an alchemist based on the way I preform.  Although, I am very honored to be considered as such, I'm just an aspiring Nutritionist. 

There is an urgency for sharing health and healing information with each other now more than before.  Especially, to those who understand the importance of it all.    I love the benefits that simple things in life has to offer when it comes to health and healing.  The study of herbs and how our ancient ancestors thrived caused me to look into their simple method of living.  After studying how the food of today isn't food for the soul, I began to rid my panty and tossing the unwanted, starting anew. 

Besides the depth of my food history, I'd realized the knack for the usage of herbs and spices. I began using it to my benefit by starting with my own.  By doing this, I began to noticed how strong my family's immune system became.  I never fed them something I wouldn't eat and I become very careful with the operation of feeding them.   So, I gave them a rich and health start  through a Non GMO & Organic living. This is something I believe ever human with a clear understanding should do, as a gift of "All" gifts.

When I began recognizing and caring for my own issues,  I was able to care for others. That was when the real challenge came because there wasn't a placebo effect with convincing myself on "if is was or wasn't." I was literally working on others.   Long story short,  I decided to share my healing benefits with those who felt compelled to correct issues within, without the use of toxic chemicals issued by the doctors today.  With that said, feel free to have a one on one consultation to learn about the things you can do to reset your living body. 

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